Sketchbooks from the Arctic – Georgia Rose Murray

We have been working with artist and Arctic explorer Georgia Rose Murray on a series of sketchbooks.

These books will be part of a small edition. The print will be based on an original watercolour painting, made by Georgia Rose Murray, in the northernmost research base on Earth. Blandal, Ny Alesund is situated towards the north west of the Svalbard archipelago and can only be reached by a tiny propellor plane, or sometimes by boat and sea, during the less icy summer months. Georgia was lucky to be painting at the very moment that the sun rose over the mountains for the first time in months. The surface of the snow and ice surrounding the research base suddenly erupted into a sea of twinkling diamonds, for all of three minutes before the sun disappeared behind the mountains again. Georgia had specifically travelled north to witness these moments when the Arctic light and colours morphed in response to the returning sun. Georgia often paints in concertina books when out in the landscape, as the format allows her to capture large panoramic views, which she can then conveniently fold into a rucksack.

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