Let’s get shitfaced, it’s free. by Erik Kessels

This our third edition publication under the umbrella of Unseen Sketchbooks.

EDITION 3 is Let’s get shitfaced, it’s free. is an experiment between artist Erik Kessels and designer Chris Bigg. The book is a series of photographic records, which were Kessels response to the notion of a sketchbook, a collection of ideas. These in turn have been interpreted by Chris Bigg into a new piece of work in the form of a visual journey exploring connections of images, themes, colour and texture.

Let’s get shitfaced, it’s free. isn’t intended to give answers, it is there to provoke and to question.

Let’s get shitfaced, it’s free. is a journey through bricks, people, Kodak packaging, arrows, wheels, helmets, guns, breasts, hands and many other things.

What does any of this mean? That ultimately is for you to interpret as the third person in the journey.

The book is bound as a lay flat edition. This means the pages lie totally flat as a series of juxtaposed thoughts, ideas and collections. The nature of a lay flat book is that the pages will over time potentially come loose as the book is used and abused. This is part of the edition and you are free to remove or add to your book as you see fit.

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