Apuntes sobre las marionetas/Notes on puppets by Jesús Cisneros

Apuntes sobre las marionetas (Notes on puppets) explores the work of Spanish illustrator Jesús Cisneros. Imaginary puppets are explored through sketchbooks, artworks and writing by the illustrator in both Spanish and English.

The edition is hand-bound using a French Loop stitch. This allows the edition to lie totally flat when opened. The covers to each edition vary. Shown are ones created as an edition of 10 for the Frankfurt Book Fair, who in 2022 had Spain as the guest nation.

‘A torso attached to the limbs by strings and features crudely drawn on a wooden head—something about the shape of those simple marionettes resembles a more faithful image of ourselves than our own mirror reflection. Perhaps it is their constitution, similar to that of bones, sturdy yet fragile. As if our skeleton were just that: A puppet of graceful and clumsy movements and a gloomy skull.’
Jesús Cisneros

Apuntes sobre las marionetas
Notes on puppets
Jesús Cisneros
Screen printed cover, inside front cover and back cover.

ISBN: 978-1-915528-01-8

165 (W) x 360 (H) mm
Printed in Great Britain

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