The World is Yours – The Sketchbooks of Humberto Cruz

Humberto Cruz is an illustrator and graphic designer based in San Diego, CA. He was born in Salinas, California and was raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Influenced by pop culture, fashion and color, he describes his work as spontaneous, quirky, fun and enthusiastic. He primarily works with pastels, markers, acrylics and spray paint. He also focuses on digital media from initial concept development, to art creation.

This collection of works from Humberto documents his process and prolific output. Humberto references  popular culture and iconography.

Excerpt from interview with ‘It’s Nice That’:
‘Humberto Cruz doesn’t like to plan an artwork. Whatever he thinks or feels in the moment goes into his busy illustrations. Peppered with haphazard characters and symbols, Humberto etches into white paper with smudged pencil lines, smooth felt tips or crayons to create his distinctive works. Attacking every inch of empty white space with a visual element, Humberto’s works are a treasure map of delights. He references star signs, pop culture, the fashion industry, 50s cartoon icons and countless fuzzy bear-like creations (just to name a few) in his colourful assemblages. The list could go on, but we’ll let you discover your own interpretation of Humberto’s work for yourself.’

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78 pages
280mm x 216mm
Foil block cover 


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