About Thierry Ronat aka Naro

Born in 1963, Thierry Ronat, also known as Naro is a self taught artist from Grenoble in France.

Naro’s love of music and DJing has had a very big impact on his art, where he remixes photography, old posters and paint and ‘remixes’ them, like a DJ would tunes.

This together with his love of travelling and collecting means Naro has a huge collection of objet d’art, souvenirs and images to work with.

He uses his experiences of his travel to create very instinctively. Which has led him to work in a very similar fashion to the New Realists or poster artists such as Jacques Villegle.

Thierry Ronat aka Naro

Recent exhibitions

05 Espace Verbois – Paris 
09 Fashion week – London
La Belle Électrique – Grenoble

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