Useful guidelines for working with us

Here’s some information to help you best work with us. We’ll keep adding to it as needs be.


Artist reviews of equipment and products from those who use them.

Content ideas with the item…

  • Photo of the artist using it
  • Some examples work using it
  • Short video with the item
  • Short passage about you
  • Your experience/story using the item
  • What you like/dislike about it
  • Link to your Instagram/website
  • Any other creative ideas!


Supplying digital photographs for use on this website and print.

For use on this website:

  • Supply as JPG
  • Size around 1500 pixels
  • Name uns-your-name-description.jpg
  • Send large files via FTP service eg. WeTransfer, Dropbox, MailBigFile etc

For use in our books:

Images for print need to account for both image size in dots-per-inch (dpi) and width and height resolution (pixels). We use 300dpi for our resolution for print.

Photo resolutions for print can be worked out like this:

  • Printed size 6″ x 4″ at 300dpi
  • Photo size would be 1800pixels x 1200pixels
  • Worked out 6 x 300 = 1800 and 4 x 300 = 1200
  • Simply multiply size in inches by 300

Image file size depends on the amount of detail in the image – more detail, the larger the size.