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Unseen Sketchbooks are a UK based bespoke publishing house producing limited edition books with designers, illustrators and artists. Each limited edition publication will focus on the work of a designer, artist or musician and looks at creating new and unseen work from their archives. The editions are all short print runs and often involve special print techniques and covers.

EDITION 5 is CHAOS / PATTERN by Ed Merlin Murray and is a look into his sketchbooks. Limited edition lay flat bound and taped edge book with screen printed cover. This first edition comes with a signed screen print.

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EDITION 4 is Fragments by Thierry Ronat aka Naro. It presents some of the works of this Grenoble based artist. The fragments of his work, in the tradition of the New Realists including Jacques Villeglé remind us of the visual culture that surrounds our everyday lives.

Ripped posters, street scenes, broken images, pop images and torn segments all collide into new expressions – a fragmented time.

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EDITION 3 is Let’s get shitfaced, it’s free. by Dutch designer and artist Erik Kessels. Kessels collated a series of images as a form of digital sketchbook which have been interpreted into a new book by designer and Unseen Sketchbooks collaborator Chris Bigg.


EDITION 2 is Skotchbook by Jim Stoten, a selection of pages from his personal sketchbooks, which he keeps in his coat pocket at all times and has done for the last 10-15 years. Jim draws it in every day. Within the pages are comic strips that attempt to make sense of his own thoughts, feelings and reactions to the World as well as poems, hand drawn type, song lyrics, memorable quotes from films, TV, debate forums on all topics and interview chat shows from the 1970s and ’80s. There are also observational drawings from train journeys, exhibitions and visits to the pub, as well random drawings of imaginary people, architectural forms, modes of transportation and animals.

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EDITION 1 is Analogue Process focused on the Designer Chris Bigg who is known for his work for Record Label 4AD including recently working on The Breeders artwork and videos. Our first edition was printed 2 colour, black and metallic orange on G . F Smith’s Munken paper and came in standard magazine format or special one-off cover as an edition. The Deluxe Edition has a poster-wrap silk screened cover, screen printed outer delivery box and a one off screen print and ink signed print.

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