Pasteboard by Timothy O’Donnell

Pasteboard is a collection of the accidental compositions created by the common practice of pulling unwanted elements from the artboard and onto the gray expanse of the pasteboard. In that lawless territory, typography, imagery, shapes, colours and logos pile atop one another, forming random, organic collages that defy the computer’s inclination towards precision.

It is satisfying to thwart my laptop’s Prime Directive, but for me, the true beauty of these compositions lie in their ability to surprise me with my own work, as though mischievous elves (or perhaps David Carson) have played with my Illustrator files while I slept, leaving an enigmatic jumble for me to untangle when I awake.

This is the eighth book from Unseen Sketchbooks.

200mm x 280mm
Perfect bound in G. F. Smith stock
96 pages
Screen printed outer packaging
First published 2021

Printed in Great Britain

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