Rhythm and Trace by Benoit Sjöholm

Our ninth book is Rhythm and Trace by French artist Benoit Sjöholm. This publication presents the work of Benoit through a visual tour of his sketchbooks and finished works. The emphasis is on the rhythm and pattern of his works and the traces they leave behind.

‘The entire moment of creation is readable from the first to the last gesture. My lines of writing are an imprint, a raw materialization of the different variations of the living in a given time and impulse frame.’

This edition presents the sketches from Benoit’s sketchbooks as a series of gestural and raw drawings. The book acts as with a visual diary of the designer’s work and also as a reference for mark-making, pattern and texture.

‘Gesture, governed by a certain given rhythm, revealing an abstract and raw writing. Dictated by one and the same energy, this latter bears witness to a moment of creative life, a unique moment.’

Rhythm and Trace
210mm x 297mm
98 pages
Screen printed cover and outer packaging
First published December 2020

Printed in Great Britain

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